Our STory

IF CONTENT IS KING, INCLUSION IS KEY: A discussion around cultural relevancy in media.


November 14, 2017, we launched our first biannual event around the importance of inclusion in content. 

During the fall of 2017, we hosted a panel discussion in collaboration with RYOT and OATH: where we explored the way in which inaccurate representation and a lack of diversity in storytelling affects our culture and even create a marginalized experience.

With over 150 of media’s most influential executives, leaders in the D&I space, content creators in the room, we all got a chance to hear about the advice and experiences of

people like the VP of Content for JP Morgan, Zoe Zeigler, VICE correspondent Ben Anderson, NY Times writer Greg Howard, Diversity consultant, Wade Davis and more.

This event is a part of a biannual effort to get everyone in the room to help strategize and connect about how we can all celebrate underrepresented voices in media.