A few AIM  members after a video shoot in New York. 

A few AIM  members after a video shoot in New York. 

Our Vision


Our mission is to change the media landscape by breaking down barriers and supporting people by giving them a community that lets them know they are not alone.

Together, we hope to create safe spaces for everyone and share in intimate discussions around the topic of representation belonging, equity in the workplace and in the content we create.

We focus on all media, but are especially interested in digital. What we are trying to do is change the conversation around inclusion in the industry.




BUILD COMMUNITY - Building safe spaces where people can come together and feel supported.

CULTIVATE CONVERSATIONS - Facilitate candid conversations around inclusion and diversity in the workplace, help members navigate the industry through open dialogue, and encourage people to share useful information based on professional experience.

CREATE CONNECTIONS - Help members connect with others in the industry to access jobs, mentorship, resources and creative ideas.

BRING ABOUT CHANGE - Working together to change the media landscape by implementing a variety of ideas, pushing diverse leadership, championing mentorship and deconstructing archaic ideas of representation through data, research and community building.