race and tech

The Future of Storytelling with speaker, Dr. Courtney D. Cogburn.


Advocates for Inclusion in Media (AIM) in partnership with RYOT Studio presented Dr. Courtney D. Cogburn and the Future of Storytelling. Dr. Cogburn, an Assistant Professor at Columbia University's School of Social Work, will present her recent project, "Examining Racism with VR," which she has been working on in partnership with a team from Stanford's Virtual Human Interaction Lab. The premise of the experiment is to use an immersive VR experience that allows participants to seemingly embody a person of color.

The goal is to build to research that challenges the way that people talk about and measure racism, as well as build awareness of the structural nature of racism.

The Future of Storytelling
While science and society demand technological advancement for the sake of progress, how are we defining progress? What if we utilize the psychology of the technology itself to bring about complex change -- disrupting our own patterns of thought and causing new awareness?